Friday, June 29, 2007


Have you lost someone who is close to you yet not related to you? Have you experienced the devastation?

Well,l did a few weeks ago. We lost one of the most dedicated directors that ever served in our organization. The first reaction l had which seemed to be repetitive was can't be. I was in such denial that when the photo finally hit the obituary section of the daily l was totally devastated. You see, this is not just a leader we lost. He was a great leader who was more like a father to us both professionally and personally. This man who walked the earth was totally given to God and His plans. No people...this is not a praise venture. For crying out loud, the man is gone.But truth be told,his legacy has caused all of us to wonder aloud about our kind of legacy that we are leaving behind.

How am l living my life? And when l am gone, what will those left behind say about me? Or will they forget me because l have lived a life that is not worth mentioning because of the shame l brought them? Sorry it sounds morbid but eeeeeeeeeh like l said, he was more than a leader.

You see, l keep hearing Africa needs selfless leaders. Nice and juicy as you hear it. But can we handle the loss of a leader who holds you together and literally steers you in the right direction? A paradox for me.

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