Friday, March 09, 2007

Before the morning...

Wassup!!! Its truly been long. December seems to be 3000 years ago.

But am good. In the process l have grown and learned new things. I have become a better person plus made better decisions and moved on to better things. Its funny how when God is doing something in your life the devil makes your life a living hell.I have also found out that when the morning is about things just get gloomy. Totally gloomy. You even wonder...what just happened?!!!

So here l am hoping that stuff will work out for me sooner than later.


kenyananalyst said...

Sasa? Mbona kimya? Haven't heard frm ya yet since we malizad work on that Sheng thingy. Trust u ok. Blessings! JM.

stranger said...

Yap. That's very true. The devil does have a way of making everything go heywire, but like my sister always says, it just means that great things await you. Just look at David of the Bible... It's all preparation gal, so hang in there.