Thursday, August 04, 2005


The first time l heard of Dr Garang's death, l was numb. First l thought that the Sky presenter had just missed out something. Then when l went on to CNN and other leading stations, the message was clear.

Numbness was followed by pain that cannot be explained. Since then l have written a poem in his honor. The poem though is directed to God. Of course it opens my confusion and pain to the world but mostly it is to God.

I work out at hotel that has one of the best instructors in town. On my way there l often meet Sudanese waiting to get into meetings.Yesterday was sad. I met this Sudanese just outside the hotel. The look on his face was unnerving. It felt like that of an orphan.

I don't know why l feel so sad but l am. I just can't explain the feeling. This was not just anyone, this was someone who exhibited African leadership at its best.

And oh!! did l say l totally think the wife is diplomatic plus ambassadorial material? She is totally something else. When l look at her l know why my African hero was that competent.

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Jay said...

I too felt Garang's death personally. I don't know why but to me he was truly a remarkable man, faults notwithstanding.

And his family is just amazing!! His wife is like my heroine for 2005 but his kids are also something else!! I watched his daughter and son give eulogies during his funeral and truly, great men have great families! Amazing.

RIP Garang