Friday, July 22, 2005


This life of mine is full of drama. Its not all bad. Its good. At least 70% of the time.

For a long time now, I have had a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside.It comes from giving. And not giving because you have. Its giving because you want someone else's dream to come to pass.Its nice to help someone even when you know that they are not in position to help you back or give anything to you.I just can't explain it.Just that with my 2bob lt put a smile on a lady's face who's parents died of HIV/AIDS.
She's had a painful 6 years. Her smile just made me happy. It was enough.

Just to watch a few hours plus a few coins plus alittle advice help someone like that was totally awesome.

Again it is nice to give even when you know that the person you are helping is not able to repay.It is so fulfilling.


akiey said...

As they say "There's power in giving" and good Karma always comes around in different forms so the comfort & smile you put on her will go a long way to make her life/day better & in turn the satisfaction you get from helping out will better your life many times over.
Just like Lyfe says in his new song, everybody needs 'someone that's quick to give & slow to receive"

Shiroh said...

I love the word thank you, it is good you are interested in giving.You receive much more

Poi said...

We always donn have much to offer sometimes or whenever a situation our help is needed in comes up.

But, giving as well put by u aint always material. Its about smiling at a sulky face/been a shoulder others can cry/lean on/been the hand tht reaches out and gives a pat/the ear that listens/the mouth tht whispers hope.

I love appreciating others in whatever way I can for anything really.

Great post! Its in giving we receive far much more.