Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Truth will set you free but not before you get into trouble

I have realized that some animals are more equal than others.I have also realized the reason why whistle blowing is not anybody's favourite cup of tea. Oh!! they knew about the pain that would be part of the consequence.

I didn't whistle blow, l only said the truth about what some people said. Then l reported it in an email, not at work, but at some fora.You guessed it, l got into trouble. Not big time trouble, but trouble.

I have since realized that the truth shall set you free is a necessary verse in the Bible. But what it doesn't add is that the truth can get you in a lot of trouble.
Now do you wonder why so many people had rather keep quiet than admit the truth? The powers that be would take all the time to hit and squash them to oblivion.
I have never hated the truth like l do now. Not that l embrace deception, just that l feel trapped by my beliefs and values. Suddenly l realize many people lie and get away with it. But not for the small person.

Sometimes its not what you are saying that's important, its who is saying it.


~Lil' Girl~ said...

that's beautiful!
Saying the truth might get you in trouble, but surely doesnt make you feel guilty, or something, right?

akiey said...

Have courage & fear nothing if deep down you believe you told the truth with no malice. Things in life have a funny way of working themselves out.
Unless sonene is so sill & darn upset to try to cause hell, you hold on to the truth & remember Karma will get them. Or in less subtle terms, they'll soon know "Payback is a mutha$%#*"

Poi said...

I bet that's why the say the truth hurts. Sometimes it hurts who is saying it, sometime who it is said to, but all the same more often than not it hurts either party.

However, there's a clear/clean consciene that comes with it. The knowledge/feeling that despite what you going thru u clean in that, that was the only way for u.

But, lies/with-holding the whole truth/truth always comes back & nag at one's heart/conscience. Plus,once a lie is told, another has to be tol to cover for the first and the chain goes, better stick to the truth, it always OUTS!

Glad u did it, u'll get over the trouble with time.

Nice post!