Friday, July 22, 2005

Now l know, there are two types of truth!!

I have not stopped feeling jittery about my dilemma. Although it is comforting to see the responses from you. They are totally uplifting.

Yesterday l was wondering more about the weight and credibility of truth. I was just thinking sometimes someone with no status or at a disadvantaged position can say the truth. But someone who has the position and status in society can actually discredit the smaller person and make them look bad. Two types of truth. Just like akiey said l hope it comes back to them.

Okay enough about my truth and the terror its causing me. Actually for real it is terror. You know l have this one good shot at something l really want and then this comes up. Lord, it just jeopadizes the chance. But l am hoping and praying that these people will not come after my opportunity and block it on account l opened my mouth.

I now know, that before l say anything even if it is how truthful, l have to think about the consequences. Flip the coin and my personality just got a beating. Why? I am result oriented. So if something is not attended to in a long while l get jittery and speak out.

Oh dear, why is life so complicated?

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