Monday, July 18, 2005

Where have l been?

Hey wassup world?!!!!

Finally l am here and excited about what is going on in the world of me. Okay that totally sounds selfish. But its true. I am happy that l held on to a dream.I want to work on it though because l have realized before a dream comes to completion, you truly have to keep fighting for it.I now know that it is one thing to have a dream said, it is totally another to action it. It is also another to see it come true. Finally l get to do my MBA in Project management. Then after that, run towards my PHD. Trust me, l have been all over this and l need to have this going. I have no alternative but to run with this.


Poi said...

Go girl! and donn let nothing stop you.

Coz you know what they say and its true? Dreams play a big part in our lives, so never laugh at anyone's dreams coz he/she who doesn't dream has nothing. I bet that's why everyone gotta dream.

Am happy for you girl, so take it on and see you achieve it.

~Lil' Girl~ said...

Go, and dont let anything stop you. As you Im fighting for my dreams too. All we gotta do is believe in ourselves and do it.

and Congrats!

n said...

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