Saturday, June 11, 2005


If you have been following this blog keenly by now you know l have something to say about the whole wide world. Yes l do. So how do you like that?hahaha!! Very naughty naughty girl. Its all good. Its all life. AND I LOVE LIFE!!!

Okay Dennis dennis dennis!!!!?!!! Of course Dennis Oliech. Why else would l say his name three times!!! Don't even think about it:-)This guy reads about poverty as history. I like it. The sweat of his brow has earned him a sawa lifestyle. I like it. I like it that he gets paid well to do what he does best. You know l totally believe in that. So here's the beef. First, this coin has two sides to it. Him not playing was very bad, very very bad. Considering that this guy could put afew of his team mates on his payroll and not feel it. I thought he should have played and hollared baadayez. Patriotism first. Flip that coin.

I don't like it that KFF thinks that they have a right to players even when they don't pay them. I told you Sambu Sir, that this game of not paying your players will catch up with you. What did you think? She is a woman. She is bluffing. Bluffing my foot(tongue in check). KFF is a sorry excuse for a federation. You give us so much shame we just don't know how to hide it. Our sorry selves are beaten to the ground when we go for international matches. Surely Sambu Omera, can't you do something better as time goes by?

So was Oliech right to not show up for the match? Your guess is as good as mine? This is an emotive issue especially because we were thwarked.

Like l said, this coin has two sides. But Sambu is sure riding this boat straight into an iceberg. You cannot mistreat people and expect them to smile. What, are you a danda head or something? You can't expect them to be matyrs of your horrid Public Relations and treatment then turn back and say, when is the next match?!!!!

Omera!! you are expecting too much.

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