Friday, October 22, 2004

A stinking wound whose pus dries not!!!

Today, l have blogged twice. That shows you what happens when you come across something that you have wanted for a long time. Of late l have gotten to a place where l want to be heard for what l am saying. I want to be able to speak and not be silenced. I believe in being positive in this little life of mine. So for a long time l have been getting contracts to write. But you see, l am not writing what l want. The other day it dawned on me that a lot of times things don't work out in our lives because we are actually in the wrong places doing what our strengths do not allow. As a result we get to our dreams very slowly...turtle pace. I have therefore decided to rock this little boat of mine called life and see what happens. My joy is inspiring others to achieve. That's why l guess when l hear someone put another down .. l go back not only to my Bible but also to what Teddy Roosevelt said once..It is not the critic who counts....the credit belongs to the man in the arena. It is a long quote but one that you would do well to read and memorize it.
The reason l choose daily to be upbeat and positive is there is too much negativity around us like l said earlier. I live in Africa. If you want to live in a place where negativity could have great grand sons, you are welcome here. But surprise surprise(l know it's not) Africa is not the only place l see and feel negativity. Oh brother!! you only need to watch the Oprah Show for you to know she is working hard to help people remain positive. Other parts of the world are not excempt. It is like a disease that refuses to get treated. A wound that stinks from it's continous spill of pus. Disgusted?!!! Yep that's what l want you to be the next time you think of discouraging someone out of their dreams. Everyday l pray dear God help me not to discourage anyone around me even if l will be trying to put some sense into them. Been there so l know how it feels.
Anyways, back to what l was saying. Finally, l get to say what l really want and that is inspiring people all around me. Baby, am l having a ball or what!!!And it's only the Genesis of a great journey. How about that for a day. Tonight, l will sleep beautifully knowing in small ways God answers prayers. And honey, why shouldn't l be glad?


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