Monday, November 29, 2004


I haven't blogged for quite a number of days. I have been meaning to though. But it didn't happen. As it is, l am tempted to give an excuse. I don't know what it will be but l won't recall it either. I was in a meeting today where l didn't give an excuse for not doing something. Instead l apologised and promised to do it ASAP of course with a timeline. Why am l choosing this path of no excuse? Because it is easier for me to think of an excuse to fail rather than succeed. Its not me alone.

Most of us never think of it that way. But truth be told, that is exactly what it is. I am learning that successful people have fewer excuses than those we look at and wonder what wrong turning they took.

l am also learning that for my very ambitious goals, l need to set an ambitious yet practical lifestyle. A lifestyle that is not dogged by excuses. I am learning that we all
have 24 hours 365days in a year yet some people will accomplish more than others. Why? I have looked at some of my mentors. They dish out very few excuses.

Half of what they want is done. They are focussed and don't walk the path of excuses. I have learnt that the best gift that you can give yourself is to do what you say you will do despite or inspite of.

This is the number one lesson l am learning this month of November. A lesson that is helping me stay on course considering my goals. Maybe l have talked about it before but it won't hurt if l say it again. I have a standing admission from a UK campus to do a Radio Journalism Masters. I haven't attended it yet because for the last 3 and a half years l have been looking for scholarships. Yes three long years. But now l have a strategy. Another lesson for the Month of November.

I am learning that what Dr John Maxwell says in his book Failing Forward is absolutely true. We have been told several times that if you try something and it fails keep trying until you get through. NO!!! Dr Maxwell says. If something fails, stop and evaluate. See where you made the mistake and strategize afresh and then try.

I am taking that advice very seriously because this is no joke. I want to be in class in Sep 2005.

So, if l have failed before what makes me think that l can in deed make it this time round? Different strategy, my friend. Different strategy. As we speak l am working on my first of my many to come academic papers which l am hoping to get published in South Africa or London. In the middle of all that l am still working on my motivational book which will be on my upcoming website. Oh this is better than anything l know. It is an exciting life l have. Why? Because even though l don't have all the money in the world to help me meet my goals as fast as l can, l believe that l will get there slowly but surely. Can you beat that? What? you ask.

Persistence and trust in God? I love life

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