Thursday, January 13, 2005


Its early in the morning in Nairobi as l write this. Oh!!! you would think mornings, especially the early part, should be the time one should be calm. No, not today. I am going to try and not scream through your screen but to tell you the truth l am not going to promise that.

Why, Oh girlie, are you so angry? Angry is an understatement.

I have said it so many times that, today, you are yesterday's choices. So to make your life better tomorrow you need to make the right choices today for crying out loud. Now how hard is that to understand?How difficult is it to understand that 1+1=2 ?

You would think common sense is obvious but my goodness it seems to escape us all the time. The good book says you will reap what you sow. Do you expect to sow laziness and reap success in the process? I have a friend not so close though whose life, according to her, is not adding up. She has this chaotic mentality about issues in life. She is not cooperative in stuff she does. Doesn't use her common sense and then turns and says THE LORD IS GOING TO CONQUER FOR HER!! For crying out loud. How does God creep into a situation you created that is looking to swallow you?

Most of us are missing the point. The point being you can't expect oranges while you planted apple seeds. We go around blaming everyone but us for all the bad that is going on in our lives. We forget that we contributed greatly to our failures. The other day some tv continuity announcer said something that has since stuck with me. He quoted someone as saying you will get everything you put into today. That to me if l am not mistaken is a proactive statement. It simply is true. You don't expect that since you have been unco-operative in your way of life with others at home, in the office or elsewhere, that your life will miraculously look good. I think that is to expect too much. So for heaven's sake, quit expecting oranges while the seeds l saw in your hands were those of apples.

It would be good to remember that 1+1=2. Unless you have invented another way of getting orange trees from apple seeds, quit kidding yourself. You reap what you sow.

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