Tuesday, March 01, 2005



Okay. I am trying very hard not to diss anyone especially knowing that we are not perfect. But here we go again. KENYAN POLITICS AND POLITICIANS.

Have you ever gotten angry mpaka ('till) you want to take a shower?!!!! That's how angry l am.

I won't even go into much. Instead l will dwell on something that l keep watching deteriorating on an hourly basis.

What is this thing about promising a nation something in order to get your votes and then turn around and not deliver it? Nini hii?!!!!! What is wrong with this picture Mr President?

Lets not go into all that has been promised us as Kenyans and has not been delivered. Lets go into the education system. Of course Kenya is being used as an example when it comes to meeting the MDGs by 2015. Bravo to Kenya!! But holla holla!!! Not too fast. Like many promises made by this government, this one on free education was made with no strategy of implementation and execution on the ground. A problem l think should have been sorted out earlier. When politicians go out to their constituencies and promise heaven, they had better have a strategist with them to provide it. Otherwise, it will be promising heaven delivering hell in the process.Like it is right now.

Good!!!!! kids went to school in the millions. Happy! happy! clap your hands and salute to these brilliant ideas!!!!!
But do you know that some kids can't go because they can't afford money to purchase desks, seats and what not?!!! Of course there are other things that are causing more hitches. But what puts me off is when there is evidence of a lack of preparation.

KENYAN POLITICIANS, Please Promise heaven but enlist the services of a strategist to think through the process of getting people there.
All this embarrasment of you not being able to achieve what you promised and in an organized fashion exhibits unbelievable confusion that is not supposed to be characterized with you.

Look at the health sector. You trying to introduce something people are not buying into by force. And of course other pet projects that seem to be getting injected into a patient who knows too much. Kenyans are unbelievably a receiptive group of people. If you as the government strategize meticulously, thinking through your options, you will have unprecedented success when you present your ideas. There will be no gaping loopholes.Make sure stakeholders across the board buy into your ideas. Don't force them. Work with them. Listen to them and don't try to pull their legs.

Kenyans are sharp. We will holla you down from your mighty high horses and in 2007, you will be gone like other careless politicians who thought we could not topple them.

Remember... you taught us that we have a voice. We learned from the best.
We learned from you. We are coming after you in 2007.
Mkae mkijua---you be sitting while you be knowing:-)


The Desert Warrior said...

I can feel the anger! Kenyan politics is so far gone it will require that whole generation to be wiped out and starting afresh for anything to work out.
The mentality is deeply ingrained and I think the younger generation feels your frustration. I know I do. We can only hope we do not repeat the mistakes and sins of our fathers.
Great post.

Zamiha said...

This is not rocket science... when you fail to plan, you plan to fail!