Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I said that l haven't blogged for a while. Therefore, l have quite a number of observations to make in form of hollering:-)

What is it with the dramas surrounding First Lady Lucy Kibaki?!! What do these politicians want? Why do they keep saying some stuff that is questionable? Why can't they keep their thoughts to themselves?

You know what the problem is Hon. Owidi and the group? You Kenyan politicians have to get used to a strong woman making political statements. And please don't flatter yourselves, l am not a feminist. Although there is nothing wrong with being one. I am just trying to bang your heads with some reason.

Listen up.First Lady is a strong opinionated woman. When she and His Excellency got together those days(when you were not there), He knew what he was getting into. So quit defining her. Kenyan politicians are funny. They don't know what to do when a strong woman gets in their faces. It confuses them. They don't know what to do when a strong woman defends her husband. It scares them. Get used to it Gentlemen. You define her because you want her to fit into your mould of what you think women should be.

The likes of Hon. Owidi and the group remind me of a journalist in one of the leading international tv stations who compared First lady Mrs Bush and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton. The journalist went on to say,"these two are very different.Mrs Bush truly supports her husband in all that he does. She knows her place." What do you mean she knows her place? Didn't Hillary Clinton know her place when she saved her marriage rocked by a philandering husband? What do you call that? Look at how Dr Nzomo was ostracized for being opinionated. What did they label Nobel Laureate Prof Wangari Maathai when she couldn't be gagged?

If you don't like the First Lady just say so but don't gag or define her.Right now anyways, we the Kenyan Public, are not liking what most of you politicians are doing. You only know how to be activists and not governors.You are forever thinking that Kenya is in a state of elections. How else do you explain the noise?

Remember what the Bible says about the speck in your brother's eye? The plank is sitting right in your eye. A whole plank.

Stop with the dramas already. Get used to a strong woman for a First Lady. After all she is not coming to your houses to ask for dinner or lunch.


Anonymous said...

I think people are not against the first lady because she is strong. They are against her because she makes political statements which she shouldn't because she isn't the president, and her role/job is not political. I read in one of the papers that she said Kibaki will be the president until 2012. This is a public forum. It is not good because first, it assumes that Kibaki will be running for a second term, yet he'd said he wouldn't, and, that we will vote for him which I hope we won't (at least I won't). I don't think she's particularly strong, or that this strength is what people don't like about her (no hateration intended). NB: I like your blog

Anonymous said...

i agree with the previous post.
i am a fervent supporter and defender of women in politics and more importantly strong women in any field which they choose to 'grace' with their knowledge and wisdom.
i do however also recognize the difference between First Lady and Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. The First Lady is NOT the president nor is she a politician per se, and as such her strengths ought to be demonstrated in other ways dealing with other pressing issues, rather than causing people to question whether she is overstepping her boundaries by her oft too swiftly spoken comments.
Prof Maathai on the other hand, is a minister and even before that, when she was more solely involved in the Green belt movement, defending nature, womens rights and prisoner rights, was the role that she took on as a civil rights activist...

Shiroh said...

lucy just says what Kibaki would like to say but doesn't

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