Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I have been thinking and thinking deeply.

Why is it that most of us diss the organizations we work for yet send our cvs out to get other jobs? Haven't we thought for one minute that as we diss our organizations or bosses that some other bosses who could be our potential bosses could be listening? Don't we ever think of what these bosses would think? If you were a boss today and you heard someone diss their boss, would you employ that person if they asked for a job in your organization? You have your answers.

But think for one minute. What goes around comes around. Today it is that person dissing their boss. Tomorrow you will be their boss. What will you do when you hear they are saying nasty things about you? I know once you accept leadership, it comes with an automatic bag of criticism. So basically you need to be thick skined.
I have also noticed that people who are totally critical are the worst performers at their jobs. They have zero performance. They have zero delivery.

Am l just being too critical or truthful? Observe. Check people out and especially those who have criticism as their middle name. Then get back to me.

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