Thursday, December 15, 2005


Now l know why Oprah has to work extra hard to help the Americans get back to books.

I have now come to accept that most of us read because we have an exam. After campus or high school or whatever,reading a book for just gaining knowledge becomes a foreign idea. No wonder why most executives go into meetings and have no idea what hit them when they lose a contract. What actually hit you was your ignorance.

You have the money, purchase books and just read for the heck of it. Then watch how people marvel at the knowledge you have. For real try it out. A lot of people that read come across as arrogant. But what people watching them don't know is that these people have invested a lot in terms of time and money to get to where they are.

Of course there is a way to share info without making others feel like they are little crawling ants:-)

But for heaven sake try reading a book for just the heck of it then you will know for sure why Sir Bacon was right when he said...Knowledge is Power.

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mambo jambo said...

I agree. I am a student and my supervisor keeps telling us to read, read, read. He says it's the only way to become intelligent. We know that's the truth, but then it's so weird just to read when you don't have an exam or anything. Most of us would rather spend that time going out to booze or watching telly. We just do not have a reading culture.