Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You still have the thunder girl!!!

Wassup!!! Today l spoke to someone who was referred to me by a friend.Oh!! my friend went on about something until this person said...ok lets call her up.

Anyways, what really got me was that this person,who l have never met, reminded me how it used to be when l was psyched up doing fundraising and communications.

Lately,that is up to like 2 hours ago, l have been having those moments that are called discouraging.Hmmm!!! l never had a lot of those.But the gist of this share is that l am now feeling alive.Is it because they just believed l could do this insurmountable task or what?I can't quite put my little finger on it.All l know is that l have gotten challenged to stop laxing,to stop giving excuses and stop acting like the rest of the crowd.

This is when l know God surely loves me. That at your end He sends someone to remind you that you still have the thunder in your spirit.That you can still achieve your dreams no matter how idealistic they seem to be.And for that...l am grateful...truly grateful.

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