Monday, February 28, 2011


Leadership...A lot has been said about this subject and will continue to be said. Today in Kenya at 1pm, people from all walks of life will take time out to sing the national anthem as a sign of patriotism. This is a strong statement that is being sent to our leadership,specifically the political leadership. Like the rest of the countries that are running revolutions, this has been a mostly Facebook campaign that has materialized into action.

The leadership of this country needs to wake up and ask themselves, why would a simple campaign motivate hundreds of thousands of Kenyans to desire to sing their national anthem? What is it the political class is doing that is driving Kenyans to this? I know patriotism is one of them but it is mostly the fact that the leadership is not living up to its bargain three years after signing the national accord.If they did, Kenyans would not feel the urge to congregate to sing their anthem.

This campaign should not be taken lightly. It is the genesis of other campaigns. While this one is led entirely by very patriotic Kenyans who really want their country governed properly, the next campaign by others may take a different turn if the political class doesn't catch on this message.

The Facebook avenue is getting quite popular.What with more than 50 per cent of Kenyans with phones, it should tell you something. One can also surf the internet on most of these phones. So really, this is a ready platform that comprises of eager Kenyans willing to show where they stand on issues pertaining to this country. The best indicator for future behavior is best told by past actions.A brilliant leader should know better than take this campaign lightly.

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