Sunday, October 31, 2004

This could break or make you!! Your CHOICE.

Mental Conditioning:
that is what l am talking about.
Last night l could not sleep just thinking about this issue. It has been on my  mind. For a very long time l didn't understand the motivational stuff. I thought it was just a big way to make money and that enough human beings had already made and were making money from this subject. One topic which l thought used to give people false hope. That is until l went through hell and high waters and then the story of my life changed. I started to read motivational books. I bought each one of them that l knew the authors. I researched about the authors on the net while l tried to find others that l didn't know. Boy hasn't my world changed.

Flashback: A few years ago l received a motivational book by Lewis Timberlake- Born to Win. I got the book because l was the best actress in Nairobi during a Christian drama festival. Up till then, l was a negative human being. I thought life was just one rat race of negatives and no one should try telling me otherwise. Coming from a single parent family that had been ravaged by lack, is one major reason that compounded the negativity. So here was a book that was shinning light on people who had come from worse circumstances and still made it big time. I mean big time. Talk of Wilma Rudolf and a host of others that now escape my mind. This for me was eye opening.

Fast Forward: The stories and admonition that Lewis Timberlake had shared from his book seemed forgotten. This was until l went through real hell and l came back scattering, hurriedly looking for something to clutch, to avoid drowning in a sea of  self pity. So l started to read. I read the One minute Millionaire and it blew my mind. So did Think and grow rich, High Trust selling, Failing forward, The impossible is possible just to mention a few. I started saying my goals aloud every morning. At first it seemed so stupid. But after a while l begun to catch on. Later, l included motivational readings after my quiet time in the morning. I can't tell you how many motivational Ezines l receive daily. After a while l begun noticing that every time l didn't read something motivational in the morning, l would feel like l missed something big. So l  made it a habit. But the habit is not the issue here, it is what reading these motivational materials has done to me. They have changed the way l think. I have become more positive yet realistic. My glass, for the last l don't know how long, has been half full. I wake up in the morning knowing l have the best job as a Public Relations Officer and Fund developer. Do you think l don't have obstacles? You must be kidding. I think the devil waits for you to have high hopes and then begins to challenge the very foundations of the deep seated beliefs you hold. But you know what l believe in? I guess not. So here. I strong believe in a comment shared by John Mason in his book The impossible is possible. He notes that, In times of Adversity, you don't have an obstacle; you have a choice. Is that cool or what?!!!!

My mind, my resolve, and whatever else changes when you decide to look at your glass as half full, is very strong. You can't put me down easily. In fact, the moment l get around negative people l can't stand them. They are like roaches to me. And no l am not calling them roaches, l am saying they irritate me as much as roaches do.  I can't stand them! l don't want them around me!! and l am fine with that. Unless they are willing to tone down or change. Why this attitude? I have realized that is one way the devil puts you down. He uses people who are closest to you to hurt and demean you. I am at a place where l'd rather be in company that is quiet than negative. l'd rather be alone with my books but remain positive.

A gentleman who was going to design my website was so negative when l told him why l needed it. When l got home from the meeting l sent him a text message asking him to provide someone else to do it for me. Why? I thought to myself.. Sweetie you don't have to take this, you are not tied to a chair and you don't even have to be in his negative demeaning presence. And yes, l feel very good that l am turning out this way. I no longer want negative vibe around me. You think l am kidding. You try to get to me in a negative way and you'll know what l am talking about. And yes, l take constructive criticisms very well. But you and l know when someone is simply being malicious. Most people are simply that. Malicious!!!!

I have told God to help always to encourage those around me. When you are with me l want you to feel positive in a realistic way. If l correct you, l want it to be nice and soft that is unless you make me shout. But there's enough negative vibe in the world: why should l add to that? For me, I don't have obstacles l just have choices:-) I live it and believe it because it is real. So it's no wonder that l am writing an inspirational book.

Mental conditional that is positive has helped people make it big time. But the opposite has  caused people of great potential to sink never to be heard again. A question for you -  what glass are you drinking from- the half full one or  half empty one? Because your choice could either make or break you.

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