Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Telling it like it is.

Painfully, l am beginning to realize that the people who preach about accomplishing or achieving your dreams forget to tell us how tough it will be getting there. It is work and work that seems never to end. You wake up in the morning and all you want to do is sit and not think how much you have to do. It is chaotic; and perspiration, it seems is at its highest. Dreams are cozy only on two ends: when you first conceive them and when you are living them. But there is no telling what is in between. It is a long haul filled with sweat and blood, and marred by dust. The period that is not talked about is the one that is the doing part. I believe you know that. Have you noticed how most successful people just tell you how they got to where they are and conveniently skip the doing part? Either it is brushed aside or is lightly mentioned. I have been thinking... why donÂ’t they tell the whole lot of us the part that is challenging and tough? The part where you will wake up in the morning in a bad mood and a spirit of not wanting to work today? Been thinking about it for sometime now and l guess l have a reply to my bothering question.

You know, if anyone insisted on how hard something would be, you wouldn’t take that direction. Now would you? I know Most of us wouldn’t,me included. The reality of living your dream is that work is going to be the 99% of it.The dreaming only 1%. Of course, you will pray and have faith. Thank you very much. I agree. But the word work is mentioned in the Bible 564 times. It tells you how important this activity is. I am beginning to learn that, to get to where you want, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and your body sweating. Nothing will come knocking at your door saying, “Hey l thought you needed to have a An S-Class Mercedes or l thought you should have the big house.”

Yet, most of the time we keep hearing you can make it without the work part of it emphasized. ThereÂ’s an affiliate program manager l like. She says, you know you can make it like me, but you will have to get down to working. The program, she says, works perfectly after you have done your setting-up homework. But before then, you would have to work seriously on the stuff that will help your site work. Work, my friend, is your friend. If we donÂ’t make work our ally, then getting to where you want will be all in your Medulla oblangata.

l am now developing a new way to ease my shock of having to get to my dreams. Every time anyone l deem successful encourages me to reach for my goals because l will make it, l turn around and ask them to tell me of the work. Yes, l want to hear about the long working nights, the erratic eating patterns and the nightmares of imagining their dreams not getting accomplished. This, l have found, keeps me sane and humble. It also helps me respect those that have accomplished so much and are revered by mortals like me.

I like a sentence that John Mason starts with in one of his chapters in his book, The impossible is possible. He says, “You can’t fulfill your destiny on a theory..it takes work.” How about that for a thought.

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