Tuesday, December 07, 2004

crawling towards my goals!!!!

Yesterday was an interesting yet a revealing day.

I was in a meeting and l shared with some friends how i have learnt doing what you have passion for is the most important thing on this planet. Okay l know l have preached this over and over. But their face expressions as l told them that l no longer do anything that is not alligned to my vision and goals was sufficient to tell me that this was being digested for the first time.

I don't what shocked me more, that they were shocked at my statement or that this road of goal setting,focus and determination had not dawned on them.

Anyways, the long and short of it is a belief l hold dear. You see, we only have one shot at this life. Yesterday is gone. That day will never be grabbed back from where it is. It's in history as we speak. I have told myself that l will not live in people's dreams unless they are helping me get ahead in my life.

True, if l have ideas on helping you make your dream happen l will share them with you. But don't expect me to be there just helping you get ahead and not moving ahead with my dream and making it happen. Isn't it ironical that half of us are doing stuff we don't like. That half or even more of us, wake up with morning blues.

Believe me when you hear someone say do what you have passion for...just do it, don't argue. Why? When you do what you have passion for you will take it to another level every time there is a choice that you have to make that seems challenging.

At the end of my days, l want to be remembered as someone who helped humanity as she went after her goals. My dreams are very community minded. So trust me, at the end of the day everyone wins. But l am not wasting my time living in other people's world. I am living in my dream. No matter how small the baby steps. l will get there.

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