Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stuck in a rut expecting different results?!!!!

The whole weekend l have been thinking about something l read the other day from Josh Hind’s motivational newsletter that l receive daily.
It was about how we do things same as always yet expect different results. That statement never left me. Coming to work today l was still thinking about it. How many times have l expected different results while doing same old stuff? And l am guessing l am not alone. When l look around me,l see this statement personified. Same actions expecting different results. How naïve we think, yet if we looked closely at our lives it seems that’s what’s happening.

I’ll tell you of something. I moved house the other day. And for a long time l wanted a place where l could go for jogging and cut on some fat l had manufactured.

Oh please it needs some processing. As soon as l moved there it took me a week to figure my schedule. Now l jog five times a week. I jog two days in a row then rest, then two days in a row then rest for a day. I like my body recuperating from the punishing stretches that l cover because it seems l increase them every time my body can take it. Anyways that is not what is important. The other day l was thinking supposing l didn’t take this step and move out to a safer area that has helped me do what l love. I would still be thinking of ways to lose this weight with no change in lifestyle. Of course l would have gone to the gym. I was actually going for aerobics that were very good.

But you see the catch is l wanted something that isn’t dictated by time. Most of the time l work late and more often than not l have classes. So with some encouragement in my life from my friends l took the step of moving house. You should know this took all the effort because l had lived in the area for the last three and a half years.

Anyways, today think about it. Are you hoping for something different yet doing the same things over and over again? I read a quote yesterday that made my day If you keep thinking the way you think, you will keep doing what you do and keep getting the results you get. How about that for a starter/


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