Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I was writing this blog while walking to work today.


I have been thinking about this for a long time. This is especially because of an incident that occured a few days ago. It really was ugly to say the least. But what was even uglier was that the organization involved decided to deny responsibility. It was obvious that they were on the wrong.But instead of realizing that, they took to burying their heads in the sand.

That incident, that would have been prevented had they explained themselves in the first available opportunity, will cost them millions in legal fees.

So what was so wrong with their handling the situation?

They let the media define them. And that is where l come in. These guys didn't come out strong in apology, a contigency plan and whatever else that would have helped them. Instead they allowed people to define who they are. And that is what happens when you allow other people who don't care about your vision, mission and objectives define you.

People define others through their negative comments and curt remarks. You allow them to do so when you stop a very critical project you have going. When you kill that dream because they said it couldn't be done, then they define you.

I am learning that people will continue to define me as long as l live. And l have refused to be defined. If you think l cannot make it because my target is too far, so be it. If you think that my making it is subject to your thoughts or otherwise, that's all good too. Why? Because an opinion like a friend of mine said, is like a shirt. Even a fool has it. I know that sounds crazy but that's just what l want you to keep in mind when you decide to define anyone.

I believe a few people could have good comments that could both edify and lift my spirit. Those to me are important. From them, l will take corrections. But to the rest who the glass is always half full, too bad....seat taken.

So define my dear, but do it with a clean heart . Remember your defining might either propel forward or hold the dreamer back


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