Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Oh brother!!!!!

This is a time to take stock of the year that is just began. Okay that is what l like to do. For me, l don't write resolutions in January. I have them set in September. Like l said in an earlier post, resolutions for me are set on my birthday month. Trust me, l have the whole month to think about them.

Okay so what's the beef? Oh!!! Brother!!! Just let me cry about this. I am not handling my goals very well. Falling back,  that is what the situation is looking like. First, l am sitted here writing this blog. This is 'doing the right thing at the wrong time' scenario. Am very spiritual. Today is a prayer day and l am creating all the excuses l can, to not go. From -  my shoes are too high(really true) and l have a long walk to the church to am l really sure it is today?' questions.

Someone once told me that this is the most critical moment in every project or goal or whatever it is one wants to achieve. Why? I wondered then. Now l know. Its Because,  I have just realized, that l am at a phase where l can either go forward or fall back on my commitments.' There's no gray area here.  It is painful, to say the least.The involuntary guilt  trips l am taking can only be imagined.

So dear me, l have decided to take some advice l have been reading from a couple of my friends on the net. Two things..One:- Don't beat yourself up that there's  nothing left to pick up when you recover from this inactivity coma. Secondly:- There's always room for improvement. No matter how much you fail to make the cut, tomorrow will always be there for you to start again.

Oh brother!!! I wish l can remember this every time l am taking the flight to guilt city. I know that quitters are not winners and winners are not quitters. Now is the time to put that to test and see how goes it. I'll tell you about it later.

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