Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Its been a long time since l blogged. But here l am. I went out for a workshop that saw me change the way l work. That's what l am implement what l learn.
Most of us by now have either forgotten their goals for the year or are just about to. Don't l urge you my dear.

Last week l did something that has helped me since. I retained one of my friends as my manager.Huh? Yeah just got celebrity ideas. But what my manager is doing is helping me to reach my goals thereby making my dreams a reality.
I retained her services after l realized that l have too many dreams that never see the light of day. Other goals start their way to reality only not never get accomplished. This is partly because of my temperament. But now l have a counter for that. Because excuses don't become me. So here l am.

It is pressurizing but exciting.Pressurizing because l have a status meeting coming up next week on Thursday. Everything l said l would do will be examined. Delivery and timing will be questioned.And my dear friend laziness is not an option.

Okay am done talking baby. All l can say is by April l will have accomplished my goals.God willing

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