Friday, February 18, 2005


I have been here before. That looks like a situation l have been in before. Its dejavu baby.

Yesterday l had a two hour moment where l was put on the spot to apologize for getting offended for someone's irresponsible behaviour.

I know l sound so off its unbelievable. I also didn't believe it. What is it with people turning tables on someone who says something is offending them? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!!! If you get offended by something l have done, why should you be the one to apologize if you get offended? Why can't l look in the mirror and genuinely feel sorry that l put you in an awkward position? Something's wrong with this picture. Only l don't know what is.

I believe that apologizing for getting offended compromises my personality. Why? It means that its okay for you to do what you have done. I am fine with it. It is defining me. It is asking for uniformity and not diversity. Yes baby diversity. Being different should not threaten us. Instead it should allow us to celebrate our differences. Imagine if God created all of us the same? Brother it would be a uniformity nightmare.

I read something interesting today..some devotional which said..Jesus came to save us from sin, not to take our minds. That statement right there celebrates diversity. Look around you and let it click..DIVERSITY BEGETS BEAUTY BABY.


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