Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I have learned a lot about humility in the last few days. I guess l am still learning.

Have you ever accomplished something humongous only for people to turn back and deny you the credit? Well l am at that point in my life. I am learning the hard way in the class of life.The subject being humility. I am learning that in God's on time He lifts us up before nations. And its a lesson l am learning the hard way. Its when you don't get a deserved pat on the back. The funny thing is,you know you really don't need it. Yet it would be a good,NO, a great idea if someone came up and said you know that was a splendid job you did right there.But living with the feeling of non-recognition is tougher than l thought. Yet it feels good.It feels good because l know God is doing stuff behind the scenes that l am not aware of right now.

A paradox ...is what this situation of mine can be called.One minute... l am greatful that l am not getting recognized. Another... l am wailing inside at the irony of having accomplished this yet without recognition. I just have this mixed moments in my life right now. But am cool. Yesterday l read something beautiful..that we attract success by what we become. That's deep if you ask me.

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