Sunday, March 20, 2005


HIP HIP HOORAY, HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! Hooray baby to the Kenyan Spider squad. Oh this was one of the best newscasts that l had ever watched. It was like watching Criminal Intent.

First it was horrific. Kenyans who watched on KTN the thugs who were terrorizing people on outering road, will bear witness that it was nerve wrenching. It was scary to watch people's property being stolen in broad daylight as the other motorists watched helplessly. As it is, the economy is not exactly smiling with or at Kenyans. So when someone thinks they need your hard earned property more than you do, that is not a welcome joke. So one minute we are watching KTN broadcast these horrific scenes of theft on our screens, the next the Spider squad is saying hi to these thugs.

I was so happy to be a Kenyan. I love it when people put their money where their mouths are. KTN should keep at it. The Spider squad went after those guys. They caught up with them. Trust me every kenyan who had watched the horrific feature the previous night, was giving a standing ovation to Brigadier Ali's team. And that, is what l like: If something is wrong, we do something about it. We don't sit and mourn over our country gone bad. Who? l pray thee, will save this country if we all decide not to make it better?

I wish Santa Claus would give me this wish..that every time a corruption case is mentioned it is pounced upon with no fear or mercy like the Spider squad did to those wakoras. Because in the grand scheme of things, those that steal from the Kenyan people are just like those Outering thugs.

So Hon. Ringera how about that? And don't tell me it is complicated. Because it is not.

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Libra_law Chicago said...

Ditto! I love when Ringera and his cohorts claim that they can't expose or charge corrupt politicians because "it's very complicated or will take time". They need to come to Illinois and see what we did to the former Governor George Ryan. All his corrupt schemes were exposed and his former stooges have spilled/will spill all the beans at the Federal criminal trial.

Ringera and other leaders should stop underestimating the intelligence of Kenyans. It doesn't take much to prosecute a criminal. It's called a paper trail! Hello...we don't need to hire Jones Jones & Jones to tell us what we already know!