Sunday, March 20, 2005


Okay. If you have read my blogs you know by now that if l start my blog with OKAY!!! I am seriously angry.

Okay!!!! What is this about ministers in Kenya crying foul when the media gets to and at them?!!! The other day Hon. Kiraitu was in the media saying..I don't know why people don't like me. I don't know if it is the way l look blah blah blah!!! And that is totally paraphrased.

Anyways, l got so worked up because l could see that the meaning of choice here was not in play.What do l mean? What do you mean what do l mean?!!!!! Kenyans need to learn that the consequences we encounter in our daily lives are a result of choices we made and continue to make.

This Minister in question, had in the recent past right in front of journalists, decided to make a crude statement that exhibited primitiveness in way of thinking. Coupled with that, he laughed. A horrific moment for all the Kenyan women who watched that piece. Then he has the audacity to ask ..why don't these people like me? Are you kidding? They don't like you Mr Muheshimiwa. And it is all because you chose to take a road that would take you there.

I believe in choice and consequence. I believe that God has a part to play in our lives and that He has also given us a free will. I also believe He doesn't interfere with my free will. So my dear Mr Minister, this would be important to keep in your top reminders of the day: Choose to be polite and reasonable with the Kenyan people and you will have a good spot in their hearts. But when you decide that raping women will be a subject of laughter and a prolonged one at that, tell me- who will be smiling with you?

This goes out to all in parliament and leadership in the Public service. Think through your options before you open your mouth. Problem is, most of us talk as we think which makes for a chaotic combination. Some thoughts are better left as that, thoughts. Your PR person should have mentioned that.

Dear Honorable Ministers,

Don't make choices whose consequences you can't live with.

Sincerely speaking, that is purely COMMON SENSE!!


M said...

The definition of "honourable" needs to be redifined in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

Think that will drive you some extra traffic?