Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I have been watching keenly at what is going on around this country. There are many things to like and hate at the same time. Today l won't talk about insecurity or the appalling state of our roads or diss anyone. I am however concerned about stalled projects or ideas.

Take the matatu industry for example. Hon Michuki gave it a boost, was taken to another ministry that seems to be getting a face lift. Meanwhile, the ideas he started while running the Ministry of Transport are slowing running down the drain. Okay, l know a government official might want to defend themselves and say things are running sawa sawa. But from where l am standing, life came to a standstill when this Hon. Minister stepped out. Prove me wrong.

I am looking at the state of security in this country. It is scary to say the least. But if the Hon Minister keeps the tempo that he is employing to track down the thugs, insecurity will soon be a story. Trust me. It will take time but soon insecurity will go down. I know because l watched Hon Michuki deal with Kenyan matatu drivers in a way no one had taken them on. In a few months he had managed to do so much.

But l keep wondering, why do we start projects and then watch them stall before they are completed? We have that tenderncy to do that. Success doesn't know talent. Success recognizes consistency. Consistency is what we are lacking. Just look at the Harambee stars going to train and then finding themselves locked out of the field. I told you it was not about bringing in new coaches, it is about cleaning the rot in KFF. Stalling seems to be our middle name. You psyche the Stars up and then at just the opportune time, you squeeze out the little encouragement that is left. Hon. Ochillo, this is de ja vu. Are you still wondering why talent is getting poached by other countries?

Why can't we get consistent as a country in all the projects we start? Why can't we just complete them? Will it kill us?
Hey!!! Don't tell me its complex or complicated because it's not. AND YOU KNOW IT!!!


Adrian said...

i haven't yet given up hope that one day we will improve our efficiency...

nice post!

WM said...

Excellent post. Only, I'd like to run an idea past you. I've been surfing Kenyan blogs like an alcoholic let loose in a brewery these past days, and there seems to be a certain tinge of...kenya-pessimism. I hasten to add that I am NOT an apologist for the Kenyan government, which would undoubtedly lose an i.q. competition with a set of donkeys. On the other hand, some wise person once said that people get the governments they deserve. We voted right? For precisely these people? What did we expect from a bunch of fossils, cronies, backscratching rabble of embarassing wastes of skin? Isn't it time that we took responsibility for our own polity and our own government? Face it peeps, we gave these people the authority (allah toba toba toba) and the mandate to be our legal national and international representatives. Doesn't this say something about what it is we think of ourselves? Or at least, about our standards of judgement and our capacities for forethought?I'd rather have my cat, who is 16 years old, probably senile and definitely dictatorial, be casting my votes for me in Parliament. I'm only suggesting that criticism is the first step, absolutely, but we aren't entirely without blame, either. As a matter of national priority, I suggest we institute a task force to organise some emergency surgery on our First Ladyship's coiffure. What are bad roads, non services and corruption compared to the sheer cringing wincing hide under the table shame of that do? Just a thought. Apologies for taking up so much of your comment space, but in my own weird way, it is a compliment.

kari said...

stalling-true that..like the free education thing..it was anzwad and then left to run however it wants to.couple years later,certain schools that really used to perform well are now doin crap-too many students,too few resourcs,and we still want to insist that its working..pliz note,i said we..coz like wm says and i concur,we do need to start taking responsibility..sad truth is,we did vote this guys in..

Hoodia said...

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