Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Take 2- another level

Its been long since l blogged. I have been having some intensive course at work from morning to evening for the last two and a half weeks. How do people go to class the whole day and then work in the evening? How do they do it? I mean l sat through these classes and by evening l was too tired to follow my coveted routine of sitting back with a cup of hot Kenyan tea and a book to enjoy. I was just too tired. Okay am done marvelling at Super women and men.

Now, it is encouraging to get mail from you after you read the piece on the guy. Yes, it is true and not making it up. And no, this is a very respectable guy. He is not one of those men who are bila identity. This guy knows where he is going. But you never know what springs out of the bag when issues of the heart sit staring at us on our faces.

I have been thinking that this gentleman has missed the train. I guess there are other ladies who can hang on to a guy even when he begins to indicate that he is not interested. One rule l have is that l never force a relationship to start or to work. That doesn't mean that l don't do my fair share of work on them. It simply means l know when it is time to let a jamaa go. Kwanza the chicks who hold on to guys even when the relationship is going to hell in a hand basket should know that they are not doing the women folk any favors. Plus once a jamaa says no, take it as that. Why? You might have his ring and his name but you lost the guy. Someone else is busy having him. All because you didn't have the guts to walk away with all your dignity intact.What is with us?

I have been told it will always be the battle of the sexes. So l won't attempt to sound sharp neither will l re-invent the wheel. Life is simple. The relationship is either working or not. Gray area? What gray area?

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