Thursday, September 29, 2005


Very bad!!! very very bad. Honorable Mwenje and Ndolo, that was uncalled for. You guys just gave your team a D minus. You were looking so good.Until the water was thrown through the window with the baby.

Strategy. Do you have one? Do you also have a strategist? If you do, where was he/she? I know you can't keep tabs on all your members but where was he/she?

Waheshimiwas, Kenyans love peace. If you are inclined to or even associated with any violence you will lose this vote. For sheezy, for real. No one is going to even think about it. When Mheshimiwa Uhuru alleges that people were sent to disrupt their rally, its all good. Not the disrupting No.Just the alleging part. But when the Mheshimiwas themselves go out and actually disrupt a meeting and cause damage to a city hotel's property, you have just sunk deeper than the worst sewers of Nairobi.

Wanjiku has four basic but common sense strategies for you politicians if you want to win this referendum. You can add the complex ones, Wanjiku just has four basic ones:-

Common sense Strategy 1 - you look better alleging than throwing stones and shooting in the air.
Common sense strategy 2 - you look clever when you are quiet than opening your mouth and issuing horrendous threats.Kenyans are keenly watching and listening.
Common sense strategy 3 - You look credible when you focus on what the Draft Constitution actually says than what you think it says.Believe me.
Common sense strategy 4 - Don't malign your opponents otherwise you will begin to lose ground and gaining that trust again will take a lot of damage control.Simply, no name calling.

Wanjiku rests her case.

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