Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Have your dreams ever come true to appoint you thought you were hallucinating? For real l went home and thought l was hallucinating.

Yeah!! that happened to me yesterday.4 sheezy.

Dreams actually come true. Now l know that if you push hard enough, want it bad enough, holla about it loud enough, God surely gets it to you.
Soon all my dreams will come true.Totally true in Jesus Name...and the church said...AMEN!!Make it a loud AMEN...AMEEEEEEEEEEEEENNN!! Preach preacher!!! Alrighty baby.

Yesterday someone made me know that what l needed was as easy to get as ABC.Plus they not only told me it was easy but they told me that they would help me get it. No strings attached. All of my life l have waited for this, only for it to hit me in the face and this hard. Yaani, yesterday l went home and had to slap myself to see if it was really true or l was dreaming.What helped me is that l was with a friend of mine when all this was happening. This morning l went to her and asked her if it was really true, to which she girl IT BE ALL TRUE, IT BE ALL TRUE.

The problem with people like me is that l have huge, not big, but huge dreams. Sometimes for those dreams to come true it takes you being clobbered by people's limitations to a pulp. You have no idea what that clobbering does to your spirit.

But baby when you get up,you will sing AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN TOO HIGH till your voice gets hoarse.



sandman said...

you even got me up and hollering "AMEEEEEN" - you go girl.

Prousette said...

And we shall all say AMEN!!!
Dreams do come true as long as you have them and stick to the path that will lead to their fulfilment.

§anaa said...

Your right dreams do come got me all excited feeling like i'm the one.

Shiroh said...

Wat are these dreams