Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Now l know that there's a marriage that works forever and ever.

Have you seen preparedness meet opportunity? Nothing locks in key like this two elements when it comes to dreams.

Its when you hear people say...they have had success in a relatively short time. Short time? Ask that unknown athlete for how long he has been training? Ask him how long he has been training and waiting for that moment when the silver lining penetrates the dark clouds. Ask him? Go ahead.

I know for sure...that when preparedness meets opportunity, there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Preparedness is faith with hope that the dream will come to reality. Opportunity is when your faith just got tangible.

I am learning that when preparedness meets opportunity the world is not big enough to hold it neither is the dearest blue sky the limit.

Now l know there's a marriage that lasts forever... that of preparedness meeting opportunity.


Anonymous said...

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Prousette said...

I have no idea how anon above thought it is appropriate to sell you the private road construction idea he should have waited for the right opportunity!
Really inspiring post motivating me to keep preparing as the opportunity is round the corner.

sandman said...

hehehe - talk about preparedness meeting opportunity. that jama's timing is perfect, now that your dreams came true maybe you'll be needing a private road.

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