Monday, June 23, 2008

Lord do you ever hear this?

I have done interviews and told to wait. Now l sit here and l have been waiting. No, Lord l know it won't be long but this waiting is killing me in the process. I need a regular income. The regular income is going to be abit slow but it is coming. Lord what do l do till then? I am so in a mess. I thought l wouldn't be here again. But here l am. Sad and alone. This must be the end as l know it.
That is how l feel. Yes l have color on me but not enough. I needed to make some in the stock market. But my portfolio manager actually said...hold up. Put in only that which can last longer than two weeks. He's right. He doesn't wnat so much pressure that he can't help me out. So now l am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I need You Lord. Do you ever hear desperado prayers and come through like the knight you are?


charm said...

I feel you on such prayers, I thought God doesnt hear, but it was liberating when I learnt about the five pillars of prayer.
1. God's Will (If its not in His wil its not answered no matter how long onekeeps at it)
2. Faith (you gotta believe that He can and will do it for you)
3. Righteousness (are you walking in righteousness?Jesus being our righteousness covers this for us if we ask Him)
4. Fervency(Abroken and a contrite spirit the Lord will not despise/reject, and no contrite or broken doesnt necessarily mean tears)
5. Perseverance(Pray until something happens)
I know I have failed a million times on these pillars with the last one taking the trophy, so I pray for you and I that God will give us the grace to persevere till we get to where He wants us to be and we grasp that which He has prepared for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i feel you man. I have been there or is it am there? Time and time i have asked God for certain things, and boy was the silence so loud. Though my friend i have learn t that he will always come through. And at time he will not give you what you asked for specifically, but something better than that. The last one month has been crazy for me. I fought with God and i think all His angles. At some point i rebelled at what he wanted me to do. Though at the end. I came to my senses and realized am only making it worse. The scripture "be still and now" really applied to me. Another thing, in the midst of my chaos. I still felt his love, mercy and grace, thats when i realized (and am still realizing) He is watching out for me and for you. Even in our pain and sorrow. God is a good God, believe that, say that to your self a million times, even when hell breaks loose. Me at times, when Hell breaks loose. I tell Him his promises of love, mercy, grace and faithfulness and i tell Him ajipange am waiting.
take heart my friend. We are in this together.