Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am watching very impressed at the Nelson Mandela concert in London. Good work to the organizers. But even more congrats go to Nelson Mandela.

I am sitting here and wondering how many trials this man had to go through to be what he is today. Those very lonely years in prison. Those very terrifying moments when he got tortured or when he watched his fellow men meet their untimely death. Oh the pain of seeing a dream come to pass. So today l will be happy that a man together with his colleagues fought for a better tomorrow for Africans. Even though l face some tough times because of a dream. I will stand and know that some day this too shall pass. Some day l will remember this moment. We romanticize living our dreams. There is nothing romantic about it. It is tough and scary and especially when you are broke. May God hear me and those like me who are following their dreams. May we get Angel investors and donors who believe in what we believe in.

So l tip my hat to this great man..Nelson Mandela.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally. There are no 'romantics' as you put it. In fully manifesting our dreams. I agree Nelson (Madiba)Mandela is the epitome of how deep the process and flow of dream fulfillment is real.
I watched the ceremony and it was awesome. To think that all those 'celebrities' now want to identify with him and his cause. I guess i cant blame them. A noble and true hero we have been blessed to see in our time.

Hat's off to Madiba.