Tuesday, July 01, 2008



Zimbabwe, l cry for you
I cry with you, daughter of Africa
How long will you endure this torture?
How long will you perservere?

I hear you
When will this end?....you ask
Where are the rest of the voices?
Am l alone?
What went wrong?
What have l done to deserve this?
How do l end this?..you wearily ask

Mothers wail, children cry
Fathers are hungry and dying
Others have altogether left, emotionally and physically
The land no longer smiles
The money worthless
Helplessness, hopelessness, overwhelming fear grips even the boldest
Your beauty fading away
How do l end this?...you wearily ask

Africa, wail for your child
Stand up for her
She bleeds, she's been violated
She has tipped over and no longer on the brink
Africa wipe away the tear of that frightened girl
Protect the mothers, encourage the fathers
Give hope to the youth
Mother Africa, where is your wise voice? where is your protective hand?
Zimbabwe, l cry for you
I cry with you, daughter of Africa

By Maria Wanza...a dedication to the people of Zimbabwe. Hold on...We cry with you daughter of Africa

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