Thursday, July 03, 2008


Today, l wished l came home to something very simple… a hug, listening ear and some tenderness. Ever had one of those moments? It happens whether you are married or single. The singles usually feel it most. Like today that was what l needed. So when you get someone who actually listens, you feel honored and appreciated. Yes this very independent woman has a soft bone in her. And yes, she is marshy on the inside. Its only the exterior that is intimidating.

I guess this feeling came on because l watched as one of the gentlemen on Apprentice Africa gave a lady a hug who was really crying her eyes out in what sounded like a hearty cry. Man, was she having a bad time. But just in time was a warm hug and the encouragement for her to let it all out. Yes, am a sucker for beautiful human relationships.

I am beginning to accept that human beings are selfish and self centered. We like to be taken care of, be the center of attention when things are not going our way. Yet when someone tells you that they are not having a great day, we don’t have time to ask…hey spill and let’s sort it out. Honey

l want to be that friend. I pray to God that l will be that person who when someone is having a dark spot in their lives, they can call me at night and just cry without saying anything. That l will be that friend who won’t want anything back in return. But that God and this universe will bring goodness and tenderness to my doorstep in return. Baby, l don’t wanna save the world coz l know l can’t. I just want to be part of the shoulder someone desperate will be leaning on. And in turn, l pray God gives me that…sweetness, tenderness and love.

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gishungwa said...

Great post, its always the small thing that mean the most and make the most difference.